Roll up for the mistery tour!

First and foremost, we have to let you know that we are far from the typical wedding photographer.

We do not choreograph, we do not repeat the same 30 poses for every wedding , we never use flash in church nor giant tripods. We never have to run to the nearest phone booth to change into a special photographer suit with all the bells and whistles, We just blend in naturally. What we do is tell stories through photos and images in motion, following a style that is strictly personal which talks about you and your day.

The style we refer to is a language of image that we have built up over the last ten years of studying and working. It is inspired by authorial narrative photography and street photography, with a particular love for color. On top of all this is our only fundamental principle: “Every marriage is different”. We follow the stream of events, documenting them without conviction that any action, object, or smile is more important than others, but believing that there is a party full of people and coincidences to be caught.


Hopefully you will have understood so far that during the day we do not hide behind bushes in camouflage!

To be able to capture the most unique moments we will have to live them with you, we will mingle with the guests, we will calm the mothers during the preparation, we will talk with the shyest best man and capture your dances shaking a leg with all of you.

All these moments, as we said, do not need to be choreographed or modified by heavy filters in post-production. We believe that if your memories are to be legendary they do not need surreal atmospheres applied by filters. They are already unique in all their simplicity and genuineness. This is why, in the studio, all the images will be processed with the aim of restoring the mood and colors of that day, in order to make your memories as vivid and faithful as possible.


Even when we work on the video, the look, the role and the attitude does not change. We attend undercover as invited guests with all access passes. Both of us take pictures and videos, for this reason we often have two different point of view on the same action, this helps to give a more dynamic storytelling of your day.

The care in which the videos are shot and then processed takes into consideration frame per frame, both from a technical and artistic point of view. The goal is to create something especially for you, without following preset patterns, without the intention of making a documentary or a trailer. Marriage is something very personal and that is why what we want to do is to compose something for you and your story, turning images into a vivid memory that can last forever. With only a few minutes it will kindle the emotions, people, excitement and precious moments of that day.

Info and Delivery

Our role is full of responsibility, we have the task of capturing your day, the most important moments and the smaller details, even those that often escape the spouses themselves. That day will remain etched in memory forever and for this reason we believe it’s important that we see eye to eye. We choose to follow a limited number of weddings a year, because we want to give every couple the maximum care and also to build a human relationship, not just a business one.

Regarding the delivery we do not have fixed time table, the work is completed from two to six months according to our schedule and the amount of work required by the chosen service. However, we promise that we will be careful to offer you a hot chocolate in case it is winter or an Iced tea in summer :)

You may have a thousand questions to clarify, which is why if you want you can click below to take a look at the most frequently asked questions! For all the rest there is "Contact"!:)