This presentation is the light version of our story but since we like to chat if you want to discover more about us and what is behind our work we would like to make you a proposal: If after looking at our website you have started to like us, even just a little, we can skip all the stories about our studies, edible awards won and adventures until we meet face to face in front of a tea, a Moscow Mule or a pizza,
The choice is yours We are easy.
So, for the moment, let’s answer the basic questions:

“Who are you?”

We are Valentina and Federico, two Italians who chose to live and work together. (yes we know, boring!) Improving with age is the name which we decided to work under, to remind us that beyond our professional figures, what combine us and unites us is the desire to always improve and evolve with time. This is how MCE stories was born, from a trip to Tuscany, a song sung in the car and our passion for images and memories.

“Where do you come from and where do you go?”

We come from where lasagne was created. Our logo is a tandem but it is available to be transformed into a car, a vespa or a dragon to reach you anywhere that you wish.

“What do you do?”

Our job is to tell stories. Whether we are talking about photographs or videos, for us it is not working on a marriage but telling stories about people. Every day is unique and composed of endless details and emotions that have a precise place in the story of that day. We love to give attention to every single shot from the wedding rings to the drunk topless guest dancing on the table. We will not be hidden but we will be immersed in the party just like two of the tens, hundreds or thousands of friends that you will have next to you. We will be there to take pictures-cliche, such as throwing the bouquet or cutting the cake, but not because these moments are more important than others, but because these things belong to the day. We will also be there to portray, the grandmothers who decide to toast together with a pint or the mothers who at the end of the evening let themselves go dancing with the handsome best man. In short, we will not force you to make specific poses or pull faces (even if it would make us laugh inside) and we will not work just during the “important” moments. Every single minute is important for us and we will not run away after the cut of the cake screaming on the inside “IT’S OVER!!!”.