Are you available to travel?

•Of course, in these years we have traveled and worked hard. From Sicily to the most remote corner of Liguria, from Stockholm to New York. The further you are, the more we are curious to meet you.

How can we book a service and how much notice do you need?

•We do not need a years notice so you can relax but if you want we are always available to listen, we like to know you and understand if we can be the right people to follow your day. If you like our style we will probably have fun together but it is always better to meet each other before booking the service.

How long do you stay on our wedding day?

•One or two hours more does not make a difference and the party does not end with the cutting of the cake. We cover the whole day without a curfew.

Do you take group photos in addition to the reportage?

•Yes, we will decide with you a moment to take these pictures but everything will be very quick and painless, you will probably have fun too!

Do you need a table at the reception?

•Yes, please! Since we do not have a determined “working time” we often work 12 hours in a row. The pictures and the shots during the buffet and the cake will be much nicer if you feed us! :P

Do you also deliver all the photos in high resolution?

•Yes, we deliver all the high-resolution photos selected and worked in our style. The number of photos can vary according to the hours of the wedding covered, and if your tradition involves a week-long wedding, do not worry, we will send him to you. For the rest we do not deliver unprocessed photos and raw files.

What kind of album do you propose in your packages?

•The albums we offer are printed on professional photographic paper and with a customized layout for each wedding. There are several sizes with a maximum of 30x30cm or 33x28cm starting from 60 pages.

Do you also deal with graphics for invitations, menus and decorations?

•We know people who work in different sectors and we ourselves experiment with different experiments! We can help you with suggestions and advice (Martha Stewart style!)

What is the answer to life the universe and everything?


Who chooses the music of the video?

•We will ask you for a playlist of 10/15 songs, we need to know you, discover your tastes and know if there are any songs you absolutely want to avoid. Then we will wait for the wedding, you can not plan everything before and only during that day will we discover what happens: the entrance of the bride, the grandmother, the socks of the groom, everything will affect the choice of the song. If you have some directions we will try to follow them but it is possible that there will be a new song to add to the playlist of your soundtrack!

Who has edited the graphics of your site?

The one with the two identical chromosomes!

Who developed your site?

•A Lord. Precisely Lord David Monnuar.